hello world:) I'm a twenty year old "woman" .... "teen"....undecided person who simply has started this blog to note down every possible moment i wanna share. I was watching Sex and The City and seeing Carrie write all those columns has really inspired me. hehe anyways join me in my wonderland. I cant promise you some thrilling adventure but i can promise you an honest experience.

Here are a few important things you should know:
1) sometimes i will not make sense what so ever but in my head the puzzle has been solved. i apologize for that and ill try to not do that too much :)
2) My boyfriend of three years will be known as bubby. He doesnt know i have such a blog because if he does well then, lets just say i would keep things filtered, so shhhh dont tell him!
3) Hopefully you'll slowly learn more and more about me as you read my posts.
4) Just enjoy!